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Jan 2016: Other actions / Brain storm:

Get further advice about starting up a community group:

Penwith Community Development Trust:

Cornwall Council community link officer Vanessa Luckwell, Hayle and St Ives
07896 417780

Maps & plans – need to source large scale maps/plans of the site for planning purposes. Need to be free of copyright (SWPG bought a high res map from Ordnance Survey)

Land Ownership – I suggest trying to include an area of rough ground beyond Carn Stabba in the nature reserve. This would make a lot of sense. Even better would be to include the other rough hill top (above Halsetown) and the fields in between – an area identified as open space on the St Ives Local Neighbourhood Plan. Need to identify the landowner and make tactful approaches. If in agreement, a management agreement would need to be set up between the Council and the landowner (or possibly the landowner and SCON).

Tool store or a tool shed? Ultimately would be great to have a large shed on site that could provide shelter if wet, be used for making tea, small meetings. Somewhere near the road and visible from surrounding houses for security.

Important: Footpath application needs to be made for the footpath running from the skate park to Halsetown. And probably as a separate application, a path from the skate park to the top of Carn Stabba and ideally onward to Bellyars Lane

The Applicant needs to collect statements from people on a form saying that they have used the footpath “as of right” for however many years. In order to be dedicated as a public right of way a path needs to have been in continuous use for 20 years or more. As many people as possible with long term use of the path need to be recruited as witnesses. Posters with contact details posted on the footpath.

Details here:

You will need someone who has a first aid certificate present at volunteer sessions and have a first aid kit. You can apply for grants to include training. TCV used to offer a lot of training courses locally but there doesnt seem to be anything on offer now. We did courses such as: Woodland Management, First Aid (ESSENTIAL), Chainsaw Certificate, Brushcutter Certificate, Risk Management (writing risk assessments – ESSENTIAL).

See Penwith Community Development Trust website:

Shopping list for grant applications:
Shed/tool store
Management Plan
Venue hire
Refreshments for volunteers
Printer (if exclusively used for SCON work)
Open Day activities, gazeebo hire, refreshments
Trees/guards (use tree shelters and stakes, and not spiral tree guards, as these give better protection and help the young trees stand up to bracken etc). Free trees can be obtained from eForests:

Expenses incurred by volunteers if sent on training courses etc

Grant funding application – this is the most challenging, time consuming and difficult of all and something that should be shared, not just left to the treasurer to do.
Try TCV:

Awards for all:


Just to get you started!!