Building a Cob Oven

We have built a wonderful cob / earth oven on our site in September 2017. Thank you to everyone who came to help, we can be so proud of what we’ve achieved.  Watch the video of how we did it and see more photos below. We did it over 3 sessions, firstly collecting the stones, then aprox 5 hours of building the cob oven, then another session doing another cob layer & building the shelter. We’ve since used the oven regularly and are amazed at how fast you can cook a pizza (less than a minute) as well as baking apple pies, potatoes and bread.

Thank you to Senara from On the Beach Productions for creating this film, the The Leach Pottery for donating all the clay, Jabula Tents for providing the shelter materials, Lancelot for all the firebricks, hay and pizza making, Leo for the sand,  Tesco for all the pizza ingredients for our first firing and all us volunteers for our hard work building the oven.