Conference Pear Quince

This tree was adopted & planted by John Tagholm Nov 2017. A lovely gift from a friend, Jacqueline Richardson.

A Conference pear tree with Quince rootstock should produce a good crop of long, narrow pears in late September. The pear Conference is juicy with a relatively firm flesh and a sweet rosewater flavour.  This tree is self fertile and requires no other pollinator.  This pear has been grafted on to the Quince C rootstock. Although this sounds unusual, the most widely-used rootstocks for pears in Europe come not from another pear species, but from a different species altogether – Quince (Cydonia oblonga). However, as is obvious from the shape of the fruit, there is still a close relation between quinces and pears which means that pear scions can be successfully grafted on to quince rootstocks. Quinces tend to be smaller trees than pears, and quince rootstocks also encourage precocity, in other words the resulting tree bears fruit at an earlier stage in its life than a pear tree on its own roots, usually within 3-5 years.

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