Skatepark fundraising dinner

This is incredible! We now have an extra £4200 in our bank towards a new skatepark. Thank you so much to Lee Skeet Supper Clubs for organising this very successful & enjoyable dinner as well as organising an incredible raffle.

On 1st October Lee Skeet, Peter Sanchez- Iglesias, Josh Eggleton and Tom Brown  all cooked up an incredible meal for 40 people in the Black Rock Restaurant. None of them were paid to do it and all travel and ingredient costs came from their own pockets so every penny taken went to the new skatepark. 

Tom Brown had his last day as head chef of Nathan Outlaw in London on Saturday, went out on the razz, straight to the airport and flew straight down here without getting any sleep. Peter and Josh drove down from Bristol, they all cooked a course, spent time with the guests, then all hopped in Peter’s car and legged it 5hrs overnight to get to London in time for the annual Michelin star awards where Peter’s second restaurant won his second Michelin star.  They all did it to help raise money for St Ives Skatepark Project for a new skatepark for our local kids.

Thanks also to The Black Rock for providing the venue as well as the support for Dead Man’s FingersStIves Brewery & Jubël, the amazing chefs, all the people who helped serve & prepare the food & the people who bought tickets, you are all wonderful. Hopefully this will inspire others in the community to put on other events (big or small) to raise funds for our skatepark.