St Ives skate scene since early days

Skating has been popular in St Ives since the 60's and before skateparks the kids were skating on the Island, harbour, carparks and there was also a skate ramp in the St Ives Island Centre for a while which was very popular. These kids have all grown up and introduced their children to the sport, creating a growing number of ‘second generation’ skateboarders. These parents enjoy taking their own kids up to the skateparks to learn skating, which helps to make the skatepark a safer environment for other children. Only problem is most of these parents in St Ives are driving kids out to other skateparks as St Ives Skatepark isn't good for beginner skaters. 

Mel Perry  - "A crowd of us used to skateboard on Porthgwidden car park, either singly or in long chains. The slope was pretty good! I cant remember the names of everyone, or whether there were any other girls at that time. I bought an Australian made skateboard (teak wood about 1” thick, round at both ends, with my op-art stickers added to it) from Tim Stevens, when he upgraded (although that wasn’t a word in those days!). My father and two of his friends (Cmdr and Mrs Bradshaw) introduced body surfing to St Ives. My father was a merchant seaman from 1925-1945 and learned to surf in Australia. He had to have surf boards made by boat builder in Appledore."

Ian Fleming - "I built the ramp at the Island center with Anthony Wilson in about 1986. There was a ramp at Porthgwidden built by Inner Visions in the seventies and was there for a few years in many guises. The weather and wind wrecked it but we always used the wood to make another."

50 years ago down at porthgwidden car park.

Found this photo online. 50 years ago down at porthgwidden car park.
Graham Rosewarne at St Ives - photo by Robbie Walker
Graham has emailed with memories of the first skateboards in St Ives -
''Thanks for posting those great B/W skateboarding photos. I was a 15 yr old St Ives gremmy in 1966 and I can remember a mate of mine “borrowing” his sisters roller skates and selling me one for half a crown (small fortune & a rip off)!
We cobbled together 2 skateboards using some half inch marine ply for decks, I supplied the Pop and Op Art paintjobs using Humbrol enamel.
The first proper trucks we could get hold of had wheels that resembled stone rather than rubber, they skidded like crazy and quite frankly scared me. Finally got hold of some great quality trucks from a place in Camborne that had wheels with real grip (I’m sorry I can’t remember the manufacturers), a whole gang of us would spend Saturdays at Porthgwidden car park practising moves and making ramps from old bellyboards!''

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