Slack ma Girdle

This lovely tree was planted & adopted on 5th Feb by local lass Senara Hodges.

She is one of our hardest working volunteers who has not only helps regularly at our weekly work parties but also helps with fundraising and produced a lovely film for the orchard of our apple day.

She chose this tree Slack ma Girdle as she loved the name. With its origins in Devon, they say that this apple makes a very good cider apple but is also a very pleasant eating apple fresh from the tree. Greenish yellow, red streaked fruit.


Growing Information

Type: Dessert/ Cider

Root Stock: M106

Pollination Group: Group 2

Fruiting Season: September

Position: Sun

Soil: Ideally a neutral pH

Height and Spread: 4 – 5 m

Flowering Period: Spring

Other features: Good cider apple

Origin: Devon

Hardiness: Hardy