St Ives Skatepark Project

sk8event2A few of us are extending our energies & fundraising abilities to the skatepark that is right next to our community orchard & needs an upgrade. It’s a very old-fashioned skatepark made from wood, steel & tarmac, is very expensive to fix and most local kids who can travel, go to other skateparks instead of using St Ives. So we are setting up the ‘St Ives Skatepark Project‘ to raise funds for a fantastic new concrete skatepark which will appeal to a much wider range of users.

To gather support and to form a separate committee group,  we’re having a SK8 EVENT in the Guildhall on the 12th Feb 2017. We’re hiring a half pipe from Mount Hawke and they’re coming in to run the skate competition and free skate sessions. The wonderful St Ives Community Fund has just donated us £450 to pay for the half pipe so it’s definitely on. Peter Curnow & Tamsyn Williams from St Ives Town Council are also fully supportive of the project & we should be getting extra funding from the town council for this event too. See for more info and visit the brand new skatepark  facebook page


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