The Queen Bee

The Queen bee is an amazing creature who lays eggs day in and day out. During the height of summer she’ll lay about an egg a minute, between 1,000 to 1500 eggs everyday. Amazing. Apart from her virgin mating flight and on the later occasion of her reproductive swarm she will not leave the hive. Nor will she perform any other task and she is the only one to lay eggs in the hive. Her attendants lick, stroke, feed, and care for her and she maintains the cohesion of the colony with her pheremones as the attendants spread her scent throughout the hive. When she is laying an egg, she measures each cell with her front legs to determine whether a fertilized (female) or unfertilized (male) egg should be deposited. In this way it is the cell-building workers who create the cells guide the gender make up of the hive. She then pops her head in the cell to inspect it for cleanliness. Satisfied she lays another egg. And so on and on, until there are enough bees in the colony for her to swarm to a new hive. She will take up to 60% of the worker bees with her when she leaves and new queens are born to replace the old.