Community Transport

Keen to come to our orchard but tricky for you to get there?

Our closest bus stop is the Leach Pottery on the Stennack which is a 5 minute walk from us. However if you are living in an area that is tricky to catch a bus to St Ives or it means you waiting for and catching 2 buses to get to our orchard, it ia probably too much effort and takes too much time out of your day to be able to come volunteer.

There are 2 great schemes that you might be able to use to make it easier to reach us.

  • Volunteer Cornwall Community Transport A team of transport co-ordinators will match you with a local driver and will arrange for them to pick you up in good time. This service is for anyone although they do try make sure they help those in most need of help first. There is a charge of 42p per mile plus £2 admin. To book call 01872 265300, or email and tell us about your requirements.

  • St Ives Community Transport

    This is affordable transport for anyone over the age of 50. It operates on Tuesdays, Wed & Thursday. Call 07572 586675 to register first.

Penbeagle Lane, St Ives, Cornwall. We are next to the Palemon Best Recreational park & Skatepark. To find us, if you are going along the Stennack Road that leads out of St Ives, turn up Penbeagle hill from the Firestation and you will see the Palemon best recreation park on your right. Walk up the path leading to the left of the playpark, go past a wooden gate and turn directly left and follow the path up. Be careful not to get confused with the other wooden gate which is next to the carpark.

The other route is to go up to the skatepark, then opposite the skatepark entrance & half way up the tarred path, on the left hand side there is a gap in the hedge that leads through to the field.  Follow through to find the Community Orchard.

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