Damson Merryweather

Adopted by Zane Langley, a regular volunteer at the community orchard.

Damson ‘Merryweather’ produces heavy crops of large, yellow fleshed plums for picking in late August. The blue skinned plums have a juicy, acidic flavour which is ideal for making delicious flavoured preserves or can be eaten fresh from the tree.

Grafted onto a semi-dwarfing rootstock, to produce a compact, productive tree. Damson ‘Merryweather’ is self-fertile and therefore does not require a pollination companion. Height and spread: 2.5m (8′). Rootstock: St. Julien A.

The tree itself is very hardy and will grow in the toughest conditions. It has a spreading habit and the fruit comes early in the season. It can be eaten fresh if left on the tree to ripen but is traditionally used for bottling, jams or desserts. With the added attraction of beautiful dainty white blossoms in spring.