Giant bubbles


1 Liter of hot water,
250ml (1 cup) of GOOD quality washing up liquid (Fairy Liquid brand is good)
2-4 table spoons of glycerine (glycerine makes the bubbles thick and last longer)


1) Mix all your bubble mixture ingredients together. Try to avoid making bubbles as you do it – i.e. mix it as gently as possible.

2) Leave the bubble solution over night. The longer you leave your bubble mixture the better.





6 cups water
1/2 cup ultra concentrated dish detergent
1/2 cup corn flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tbsp Glycerine


Dissolve cornstarch in the water, stirring really well.
Stir in the remaining ingredients being very careful not to create a lot of froth. .
Allow your mixture to sit for at least an hour, stirring occasionally when you see the cornstarch settling to the bottom.
Some of the cornstarch won’t dissolve completely, and may even settle to the bottom when you’re using your bubble mixture, but it won’t affect the quality of your bubbles.





2 drinking straws, and a length of woOL that is 6 to 8 times longer than the length of one straw. Thread the yarn through the straws, tie a knot, and you’re good to go!


start with two straws. Thread a length of string through the straws, The length of your string determines the size of your bubbles. 30″ is a good size for the kids. (TIP: If you’re having problems threading the string through the straw, insert the string into one end and suck on the other end. You might end up with a mouthful of string, but it pulls it right through!)
Tie the ends of the string to form a large loop. Then, move the knot so it’s inside one of the straws.
Take two more straws and insert them to form handles. (I actually had two different sized straws, but if you pinch the ends, you can still push in the straws for handles.)
Pour your bubble solution into the shallow container. Submerge the string and straws, then slowly lift up by the handles. Gently pull apart the handles until the strings are taut and then let the wind or your movement help a big bubble take shape.


Sunshine and wind will dehydrate your bubbles, causing them causing it to pop so if it’s sunny then rather do it in the shade if you can.

Ideally, there will be no wind, so your bubbles might need a little help getting air into them. Hold our arms high in the air, slowly walk backwards, which gently forces air into the bubble.