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A guide to insects feeding on trees in Britain

Organic fruit growing Manual

British native trees and shrubs in Cornwall

Biodiversity Guide - “Adopted as a Council document on 16 October 2018, the Biodiversity Guide sets out a new approach by Cornwall Council for achieving a gain for nature within development sites. It does this by encouraging more biodiverse green and blue space within development sites, such as parks, ponds and corridors of open green space along rivers and hedges. It also gives prescriptive measures for the provision of bat and bird boxes, and bee bricks to make space for nature and the expected quality of ecological reporting for planning applications.

Wild food guide in Cornwall

Wild food riverside foraging

Shrubs & their benefits to wildlife

Looking after a woodland

A guide to management of traditional orchards

Wildlife conservation groups

A map showing all the community orchards in UK

83-year-old grandmother never realised, until now, is that her humble tree is the only one of its kind in the worl

100-year-old Bramley apple tree

A Brief History of Apples in UK

Find your perfect apple Take the quiz

The original Bramley apple tree - planted more than 200 years ago and the "mother" of all modern Bramley apples - is dying from a fungal infection.

St Ives Community Orchard might be listed here in a few years

Save England's real apples  by Karen Homer

The Cornwall Orchard Project aimed to stimulate the restoration and re-establishment of traditional orchards. The Project was very successful and there are now several

List of nurseries supplying westcountry varieties of fruit trees

9 strange facts about the history of apples


Interesting article on fruit growing in a small garden or guerilla gardening

A mail order fruit nursery in Wales that sells edible fruit plants from all over the world

A fruit nursery in Buckinghamshire that sells traditional British fruit trees

Royal Horticultural society list of all plants and how to grow them

Hedgerow fruit

Trees & shrubs native to UK

British native trees - Woodland trust

Nature Conservation in UK

Beekeeping links

For the first time in millions of years the honeybee needs the beekeeper and support from the general public, in order to survive the many trials it now faces (most of them due to human intervention); the ravages of the parasite Varroa, the loss of foraging habitat, and the overuse of chemicals and pesticides in farming being the biggest problems.

Cornwall Beekeepers Association - The CBKA is a charitable organisation which exists to promote all aspects of beekeeping in Cornwall. Like most county beekeeping associations it is affiliated to the British Beekeepers Association which represents the interests of beekeepers nationally.

The National Pollinators Strategy

West Cornwall beekeepers association


Descriptions of different types of bees in the UK

Apple day ideas and info

Apple stories to read to children. 

The Orchard project has lots of ideas.

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A friendly group dowsing mainly in and around the Tamar Valley. We hold talks in the Winter and outdoor dowsing events in the Summer.