Solstice party

On 20th Dec we held a party to celebrate Solstice, our new shed and to thank ourselves and all our volunteers for our hard work this year. We didn’t advertise it widely as we wanted to keep it small, so just told volunteers and friends by mostly word of mouth. Every year we aim to have a small ‘treat the volunteers’ evening similar to this as a thank you to ourselves. Next year however we will invite everybody to the Solstice, it was an amazing evening!!

Lawrence’s idea was to build a Phoenix from spare branches and willow and burn it just for a fun spectacle. We spent a couple work parties building the bonfire and the Phoenix, decorating the elderflower tree with homemade decorations and Duwayne built us a couple pallet tables and even a pallet couch. On the day of the event we set up festoon lighting connected to a battery & got lots of candle¬†lanterns in bags to light the way from the bottom of the orchard to the top and attached a canvas tent (donated by Lawrence) to the shed.¬† It all looked amazing. Lawrence made a delicious paella dish in his big pan & brought enough pizza ingredients to make pizzas till midnight (which we did) & I made a big stew in my big Dutch pot. So we had lots of food plus St Ives Cider donated a huge casket of ready mulled cider for the evening which everyone enjoyed and we also made up a non-alcoholic mulled cider. We had lots of drums to play & and a local St Ives busker brought up his harp to play as well which was an lovely treat. Duwayne did some impressive fire poiing and then lit the line of fire which led to the phoenix and then the bonfire.