Corporate volunteering / Team volunteering opportunity

We welcome the support of local businesses and organisations wanting to volunteer for us and really appreciate when they offer their teams the chance to give up some time for a good cause. We have found that when we get a team volunteer group for a day session, we tackle projects that we don’t usually manage to have time for. We are a very small volunteer group looking after a large area and so really appreciate offers of help like this and the whole community gets to benefit. If you’d like to discuss a one day challenge for your staff at the St Ives Community orchard, please get in touch.

It is a 20min walk from the centre of town to our orchard so often groups get to enjoy what St Ives has to offer after their work party or you can end off session cooking up some pizza in our cob oven on site.

Previous Corporate Volunteer sessions:

Sept 2017 – We had a group of very hardworking ‘corporate’ volunteers from Cornwall Council come help. They completely cleared a very overgrown section which we think will be a great new space in the orchard. They even filled an old hidden bath with soil ready to plant with some sweet smelling herbs. Fantastic work thank you.

July 2017 – Had a fantastic work session with a group from Cornwall council, they worked so hard and we managed to clear so much. It was so good to clear the area where the shed is going to go, a huge task, one that would have taken us a long time to complete without them. Thanks so much guys and to Volunteer Cornwall for organising the group. Here they are enjoying a well-deserved lunch break in the orchard with a kettle on the fire for a cuppa tea.

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