Nature Reserve

Just above the orchard and skatepark there is a beautiful untouched area, 11 hectares of scrub and heathland that leads up to Carnstabba Hill that has a granite Tor & rock outcrop.  The site was previously part of Penbeagle Farm and comprises a number of fields with possibly ancient boundaries. These have become overgrown as natural vegetation has invaded.  The community group are looking to establish a Nature Reserve on this area to ensure it remains in its current wild and natural state. We first need to get a management plan created, see criteria we need to meet. More info on this website: Guidance on setting up a Local Nature Reserve

Applying to have a footpath designated as a Public Right of Way (applying for a ‘Modification Order’ to the Definitive Map of public rights of way): see here 

Have a look at the plan to create a nature reserve. (Document put together by Rupert Manley from Steeple Woodland group in 2013). Get in touch if you’re interested in getting involved.