Court Pendu Plat Apple

We think that this tree is a Court Pendu Plat Apple according to a hand-drawn planting map from when the trees were planted in 2013. This tree has been adopted by Elise Langley.

My location is Lat: 50.20413, Lon: -5.49482

Court Pendu Plat is an ancient French dessert variety with a rich intense unique flavour, a pineapple-like sweetness and acidity. The texture is firm and the fruit is at its best if picked in October and stored for a month. It is a good choice if you are short of growing space as the tree will remain fairly moderate in size even when fully mature. It is also a very attractive tree, with pretty white blossom in the spring and tempting green flushed red apples hanging from the branches in the autumn. As a late flowering variety it remains fairly hardy and so good for areas prone to late spring frosts.
The origins of this apple variety are not certain, but it was very popular in France during the 17th Century and was possibly first introduced by the Romans.

Species: Malus domestica
Parentage: Unknown, extremely old
Originates from: France
Introduced: 1613
Orange Pippin Cultivar ID: 1013
UK National Fruit Collection accession: 1948-328


Fruit colour: Red / Orange flush
Bultitude apple group: 7. Flushed / striped, some russeting, sweet

Uses: Eat fresh
Uses: Juice
Flavour quality: Very good
Flavour style: Pear drop
Harvest period: Late season
Use / keeping: 3 months or more

Cropping: Heavy
Flowering period: Very-Late season
Flowering group: 6
Fertility: Self-sterile
Ploidy: Diploid
Vigour: Weak growing
Gardening skill: Average
Fruit bearing: Spur-bearer
Attractive features: Attractive blossom
General disease resistance: Good

Climate suitability: Temperate climates
Climate suitability: Tolerates cold winters
Blossom frost-resistance: Good resistance

Scab  – Very resistant
Mildew  – Very resistant

Relationships to other varieties

Offspring of this variety:

Flamenco (distant descendant)
References and further reading about this variety

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