Sk8 Event – 12th Feb 2017

To get support behind the St Ives Skatepark Project, to canvas opinion and gather ideas we organised a SK8 EVENT in the Guildhall on the 12th Feb 2017. We hired a half pipe from Mount Hawke and they came in to run the skate competition and free skate. The event was brilliant, awesome skate & scooter talent, lots of prizes, great food (donated by St Ives Bakery, Moomaid & volunteers) & everyone enjoyed looking at the display boards showing different skatepark designs that had been provided by Skatepark creator companies, Maverick & Wheelscape.  We got everyone to fill in a survey to get feedback on things like what they find good or bad about the existing skatepark and what design features were needed in a new skatepark.

Thanks so much to everyone who supported, participated & helped out. We had a great turnout for this event and evidence of public support will help us in the funding bids.  Watch the video & have a look at some of the photos below. 
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Thank you to On the Beach Productions for creating this film for us. 

Thank you to our Sponsors

The St Ives Community Fund gave us a grant of £450 which paid for Mount Hawke to bring the half pipe and run the skate contest. St Ives Town council organised us the guildhall for free & are giving us £400 to cover extra expenses. We have money left over from this which will go towards the skatepark. We will also have lots of prizes at the Sk8 Event which have been sponsored by Big Spin Skateboards, Roots Skate ShopSessions Surf & Skate , Camp Rubicon,  the Black Rock Restaurant and Rollers Roller Disco. St Ives Bakery donated lots of pasties, brownies and muffins & Moomaid of Zennor gave us loads of their delicious ice cream and pasties. We raised £186 from the food & drink and £100 from the raffle so thank you very much. It's great being involved in a project that has so much support.

Photos of the event

It was fantastic seeing all the amazing talent we have in St Ives. The Guildhall had certainly seen nothing like it! We had free skate / scooter sessions & comps for under 11, under 16 and over 16.