St Ives Skatepark Project Timeline

Janaury 2016
St.Ives Community Orchard Group officially created - gradually begin to discuss idea of helping revitalise the whole area at the recreation ground by looking at skatepark

12th January 2017
First Meeting to discuss setting up a subgroup of the Community Orchard group and formed the St Ives Skatepark Project group, a community group with it's own separate bank account & committee structure. 

January 2017
Web Page set up for St.Ives Skatepark /set up Skatepark Project Facebook page (443 likes as of Oct 2017) Separate Bank Account set up for Skate Park Project

19th January 2017
Site meeting with Russ Holbert from Maverick Industries (based in Poole) at the Skatepark to discuss design ideas.

8th February 2017
meeting to finalise setting up of SK8 event at the Guildhall

12th February 2017
Launch Event in the Guildhall - with a halfpipe ramp/surveys/raffle/food and drink

9th March -2017
Western Hotel - Inaugural meeting of larger Skate Park group to discuss how to move forward - Design group set up

March 2017
Design Brief sent to companies - Wheelscape, Maverick, Gravity (and Freestyle) Lots of research phone calls and conversations over the next months with various group members.

7th April 2017
Design consultation face groups set up for companies creating designs to interact with local users

25th April 2017
Site meeting with Russ Heideman from Wheelscape (Bristol) at SkatePark

30th April 2017
meeting at Black Rock Restaurant to discuss local fundraising ideas

8th May 2017
meeting at the Guildhall with Russ from Maverick in which he presented his design concept. May 8th:

10th May 2017
Wheelscape submit design

14th June 2017
Freestyle and Gravity submitted designs

15th June 2017:
meeting at the Guildhall. First viewing of all four design submissions and discussion about merits of each.

24th /25th June 2017
Secret Gardens of St.Ives Weekend - half proceeds to go to St.Ives Skatepark Project. Skatepark Project member Senara Wilson Hodges opened garden and displayed plans submitted by 4 companies

25th June 2017
BBQ at the Skatepark to show 4 designs for skatepark and get together and raise some money

July 21st 2017
meeting at the Guildhall to decide final design and pick company to work with.

22nd September 2017
Cheque presentation from St.Ives Community Fund at the Skatepark (for article in local press)

October 1st 2017
Fundraiser and Raffle with Lee Skeet and BlackRock Restaurant

15th October 2017 Information Station about the Skatepark Project at the Community Orchard Apple Day

26th October 2017
meeting with Town Council Environment and Planning Group to present aims of Skatepark Project.

6th November 2017
meeting with local project Flashlight (which works with local vulnerable children) - discussion about working together. Looked around the Flashlight premises - they have displayed our Maverick Plans.

Wednesday 15th November 2017
Fundraising Strategy MeeEng - Penlan Beach Road