Thank you’s for Apple day

We really appreciate all the contributions for our very first Apple day.

Thank you so much to both our local Tesco and Co-op for sponsoring us £25 each of groceries for our Apple day community event. We have lots of varieties of apples, potatoes, tinfoil, butter and cheese, tea, coffee, marshmallows, treats for prizes, paper plates….. fantastic!!! As we are a new orchard we don’t much fruit of our own yet to share so this helped make it all possible.

Besides thanks to the fabulous volunteers who helped us get the orchard ready & set up in time, we’d like to also give special thanks to the following people:

Melanie Uys for doing the fabric leaf printing – Tom & Louise for doing the apple crepes & helping with the teas – Annabel & Jules for helping cart up all the water needed for the day – Christian & the ukulele girls for providing the music in their impromtu band – Tim Andrewes & Joanne Dean who brought up a huge basket of delicious ‘Spartan’ apples from their garden + Emma, your apple cake from your garden apples – St Ives Surf School for providing the gazebo – Jabula Tents for the colourful stretch decor, bunting & flags – Nick Taylor for entertaining the kids so much with the green woodworking & St Ives Cider for providing absolutely delicious cider. On the Beach Productions for filming it all. 

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