Traditions and folklore

Allantide – shops in Penzance would display Allan apples, which were highly polished large apples. On the day itself, these apples were given as gifts to each member of the family as a token of good luck. Older girls would place these apples under their pillows and hope to dream of the person whom they would one day marry.

Wassailing apple orchards is a long standing tradition and is to honour the apples for a good harvest and to drive away evil spirits. The trees are offered spiced cider and cider soaked bread and various rhymes are sung while cider is drunk, e.g: Apple tree, I light with glee, While bell and candle. Wassail thee

Apples left behind after the harvest were left for the pixies.

In Cornwall people were given a large pippin apple for luck at Halloween. – See more at:

When a full crop of apples is picked in Cornwall, it is unlucky to go again and pick the few remaining ones that have been missed. Those belong to the fairies …

Apple superstitions and folklore

Here are a few to get you going…

* Share an apple with a friend and friendship will follow.

* Never cut an apple tree for it’s wood. Only burn what has fallen, or bad luck will come to your


* Lightening never splits an Apple tree trunk because it is protected by all the love it contains.

* Plant an apple tree near your home to protect it against lightening and to keep love in the household.

* In Guernsey they believed that watering the apple trees with urine made the apples sweeter.

* If the first apple from a young tree is eaten by a woman who has had many children, then the tree would also have many fruitful seasons.

* Keeping apples were picked in the moon’s dark in case harmful rays caused rot.

* In Devon apples were never picked during the waning moon (getting smaller) in case the

apples ‘shrumped up’.

* Dreaming about apples foretold a long life

* Apple blossom was never taken inside since it would bring sickness on the house.

* To make a spell, cut the apple in half and put the spell in the middle. Bury the fruit and when

it rots into the ground the spell comes true.

* Apple blossom is added to love spells