April work party

We had such a lovely work party Fri 7th April, 10am – 2pm in the glorious sunshine. We had a record number of volunteers, 20 in all and 9 of them were children. The kids worked so hard loading up the cart again and again with the piles of old brambles and moving it to the bonfire area. 3 volunteers from Newquay Community Orchard also came along to help us (that’s why we had different times to normal) which we really appreciate.

We dug up a large area for sewing our wildflower seeds but didn’t get as far as sewing them so maybe this Thursday. We were donated a whole lots of wildflower seeds from Grow Wild UK.  It was also so exciting to discover that a whole new area had been opened up at our last tree planting session that I hadn’t even seen before and will be perfect for our bees. Very hidden area completely separate from the orchard & surrounded by beautiful Blackthorn which has masses of spring flowers. It just needs a lot of brambles removed before we can put the beehives there. PS – Blackthorn & Hawthorn flowers look identical but Blackthorn flowers appear before its leaves, unlike Hawthorn whose leaves shows before it flowers.

Duwayne brought along the mechanical skythe which worked wonders going through the thick grass patches & brambles. We have so much grass now and it looks like the bracken isn’t coming through the grass, that would be amazing if that’s the case. Battling the speedy growing bracken is one of our biggest challenges in the summer.