Wild food foraging

A number of the orchard volunteers were given a lovely treat by Josh from ‘Wild St Ives’ who took them on a wild food foraging walk up by Steeple woods. It sounded amazing- they searched and tasted a wide variety of edible plants & flowers and at the end enjoyed his homemade nettle samosas & Beech leaf liqueur (with ice!) Sadly I was away but am booking to go on one of his walks soon.
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Have a look what Josh has to offer or contact him on www.facebook.com/wildstives

Here are some of the comments that he received on the walk.
“What a fantastic afternoon, very educational and fun. Thanks Josh we really enjoyed the wild foraging, and amazed how many plants were edible. Your nettle samosas were amazing. We will have to do it again, with rest of the family.”  Duwayne Langley
“I’ve just enjoyed a brilliant guided forage with Josh – we tried a wide variety of plants and I’m still buzzing from all the different flavours. Josh opened my eyes to the incredibly rich array of wild food all around us. He is a relaxed and friendly teacher with an inspiring passion for plants. I’d recommend everyone to try this – its been great fun and tasty!”  Senara Hodges
“ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS is the only way to describe the foraging afternoon we spent with Josh. His knowledge of the locality is unsurpassed. My mum and I were amazed at the sheer variety and amount of foragable ( not sure if thats a real word) goodies right under our noses.
Josh was really entertaining and spiced up our walk with frequent breaks for tasty treats produced from his rucksack. We enjoyed nettle samosa’s, blackberry chews, and the ultimate treat was the beechnut liqueur which we sipped right under the amazing tree that produced the beech nuts.
A totally amazing experience which was relaxing, informative and fun.
Josh is a fantastic guide and teacher in the best sense of the word.
His guided tours would suit almost everyone- a great family outing, brilliant as an alternative holiday activity for young and old alike. Cannot recommend Josh and the experience enough- truly a 5 star experience. Thank you Josh.”
Suzie Lewis and Sandra Newns
“We went on a fantastic guided walk with Josh, searching for- and tasting- a variety of edible plants and flowers. We enjoyed learning about what we had here in St Ives and really enjoyed trying his homemade nettle samosas and beech leaf liqueur! Our 2 year old came too and enjoyed exploring the woods and looking for mud to jump in! Thank you Josh and good luck, we recommend to anyone visiting St Ives” Lee Skeet

Photos taken by Suzie Lewis