Funding for community Groups

We have been accumulating a list of grants out there that community groups and charities can apply for. Please let us know about any others.

St Ives Community Orchard & Nature Reserve group has already successfully applied for and received funding from the St Ives Town council and St Ives Community Fund who provide small grants up to £1000 for local community /charity groups &  received £2000 from Tesco / Groundworks Bags of help fund mentioned below.

We plan to apply to quite a few of these for the St Ives Skatepark Project group. 

Sport England: The Sport England Small Grants Programme uses Lottery funding to make awards of between £1000 and £150,000 to not-for-profit organisations or projects which help more young people (14+) and adults develop and maintain a sporting habit for life. These grants can be used for a variety of projects such as buying equipment, training up volunteers or paying for an extra coach.

Big Lottery (this has lots of links to different grants / funding available)

Awards for all:  Awards for All offers grants of between £300 and £10,000 for grassroots and community activity that aims to improve life for local people and neighbourhoods. It doesn’t have a deadline and you can apply at any time.

Coastal Communities Fund – Penzance skatepark got funding from this grant. It says that round 4 of the fund opened on 23rd May 2016 and application deadline has passed but it looks like there is likely to be a round 5 – keep a look out.

3rd April 2017 news –

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Tesco / Groundworks Bags of Help Fund: St Ives Community Orchard applied for this and received £2000 funding. They choose 3 charities / community groups every month to award either £1000, £2000 or £5000 depending on how many tokens they get from customers shopping at Tesco.

Cornwall Council Community Chest Grant scheme – £100 – £1000 for voluntary & community groups. for arty projects

Cornwall Heritage Trust – £500 applications are considered quickly but you can apply for larger grants. Bids must be able to show that grants will be put to project work, the acquisition of and/or the conservation of land, buildings or other artefacts.

Heritage Lottery Fund – will assess within 8 weeks. £3000 – £10000.

ARt Council – Awarding funds from National lottery (not much still open when last looked)

Co-op Causes or Apply next spring, 2018.

Jewson’s Building Fund– they giving away up to £250 000 for building projects. Expires April 2017 but they might start a new one.

  The Isles of Scilly Steamship Group Community Fund The fund is for a range of community projects and closes on the 30th of November. If this is too soon it re-opens on 28th of February.

Grow Wild Community Fund This fund is for up to £4,000 for exciting projects that focus on UK native wildflowers, plants and/or fungi and engage with communities. The deadline is the 15th of January. – up to £700 for fruit trees

St Ives Community Fund – a charitable trust with the aim of making St Ives a better place for one another. St Ives gives the impression of prosperity but not everyone shares this. The fund aims in some small way to redress the balance. To find out more contact Tamsyn Williams on or 01736 795695. You can also call into Colenso’s shop at 2 Gabriel Street, St Ives.

Town Councils – Town Councils often have money available to give towards community groups who are working to improve the town. Ask them what’s available. St Ives Town council have twice given us grants.

Grow it Wild: Free grow wild kits with easy to grow wildflower seeds to plant.

Reaching Communities:
Reaching Communities provides funding between £10,000-£500,000 for voluntary or community groups.Our funding will enable you to use your local knowledge, strengths and resources. The most important thing is that you tell us about your ideas to make positive changes in your community. We particularly want to hear about projects that support:

  • Lasting and sustainable changes to places and spaces
  • Communities to develop happier and stronger relationships with each other
  • Taking action to focus on the root causes of social problems to tackle them at the earliest possible stage.

Parks for people: Parks for People is a joint initiative between the Big Lottery Fund and the Heritage Lottery Fund. The programme awards grants of between £100,000 and £5 million to revitalise historic parks and cemeteries. Not sure the Palemon Best Recreational park would be considered a historic park but looks like an amazing fund to tap into if we could.

Grants for the Arts: Grants for the arts is an open-application funding programme, which funds arts activities that engage people in England, or that help artists and arts organisations carry out their work. It is used to:

  • help more people to take part in the arts
  • provide creative opportunities for children and young people
  • help the development of artists, arts organisations and the creative economy
  • involve the arts and artists in creating vibrant communities
  • allow artists from this country to work internationally, international artists to work in England, and artists from here and abroad to work with each other

The Cornwall 100 Club Grant – Between £500 and £3000 is available for voluntary and community organisations in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The scheme is intended to support charitable organisations undertaking projects to benefit the community and that incorporate the following themes:

  • Improving community spaces (ie village halls and outdoor recreational spaces).
  • Providing services that benefit the whole community.
  • Cohesion of communities and local businesses.
  • Charitable organisations supporting children and young people.

Persimmon Community Champions: Persimmon Community Champions is here to help local community groups, good causes and charities win up to £1000. So far since we launched in March 2015, we have donated over £500,000 to fund community initiatives. All Persimmon’s businesses have £2,000 to give away every month – 28 regional businesses, plus Persimmon’s Space4 and PLC head office. That’s a whopping £60,000 being donated every month.

Look out for more grants on – and

For more information about the kinds of funding which may be available to support volunteers go to

Suggestions for more grants on

Requirements for applying for funding: In order to apply for funding you have to be set up a group, usually with a Chair, Secretary and treasurer plus you need a bank account in that groups name and the correct governing documents like a written constitution. More help on this on

JustGiving – “Charity support site for online donations including sponsoring, how to dontate and details of how to create a fundraising web page.” – “Whether you own an existing business, want to launch a new one, are a school, work in the creative industry, need funds for a social enterprise, are a charity, or are just an individual with a fantastic idea then we can help you raise the funds needed for your project.” – this isn’t funding but it’s free surplus food from local supermarkets which could be useful for many community / charity groups!

Good Thyngs to let charities “turn anything” into a cashless mobile donation point

Good Thyngs to let charities “turn anything” into a cashless mobile donation point

Supporters and members of the public can make instant donations via their phone or mobile device simply by scanning a special QR code. These can be added to posters, leaflets, stickers, staff and volunteer badges, or indeed almost any object.

There’s no need for a specific app to read the QR code: any mobile app that recognises QR codes can scan a Good Thyngs code. This includes the built-in camera in iOS 11, as well as popular social networking apps such as Chrome, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, and dedicated QR code readers.

The code gives charities a method of accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal donations.