Tree map

Slowly trying to get all our trees listed on this map. Many of our trees were planted in 2013 and the labels were lost before we recorded their name, so most of these trees on this list are trees planted since 2017. We have over 150 trees, not only in this area but also around the skatepark & recreational park. We are continuing to plant more trees, mostly in the winter months.

You can adopt a tree and one of these trees or a new tree can have your name on it. Read more about adopting / sponsoring a tree

Sunset Apple Tree50.20412962617343, -5.4947608337170095

We think that this is a Sunset apple tree, based on a hand-drawn map given to us. Planted in 2013.

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Sweet apple, name unknownApple trees50.20436, -5.49419

This tree was planted in 2015. It's a small tree with lots of apples, very white flesh, sweet, crisp and tangy. 

PendragonApple trees50.20407, -5.49435

This tree has been adopted by Tara Langley. It has amazing pink and white flesh. Small apple, pink blossom, delicious tasting.

Slight possiblity that it's a Devon Crimson Queen apple - waiting to check spring blossom. 

Court Pendu PlatApple trees50.20413, -5.49482

Show on map –,-5.49482

This tree has been adopted by Elise Langley. More info on

Apple Catshead50.20452, -5.49411

Show on map -,-5.49412 Catshead is amongst the oldest of English apple varieties, with a history dating back to the early 17th century. It is named for the alleged (but not necessarily obvious) resemblance to a cat's head.

Kea Plum50.20448, -5.49464

Planted in 2017. Adopted by Christine & Derek Hosking. More info on

Plympton Pippen50.20459, -5.49418

Planted by St Ives Junior school Year 4 in 2018

Hoary Morning Apple tree50.20445, -5.49441

Planted 5th Feb 2017. More info on

Sweet little apples - unknownApple trees50.20442, -5.4941

Planted 2014

Slack ma girdleApple trees50.20445, -5.49468

Planted & adopted by Senara Hodges in 2017. More info on

Hangy Down Apple TreeApple trees50.20432, -5.49491

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Boskoop MM106Apple trees50.20449, -5.49466

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Winter Peach AppleApple trees50.20404357944079, -5.494810454583785

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Suntan MM106Apple trees50.20413, -5.49458

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Lord lamborne50.20426, -5.49459

Apple tree planted in 2013. 

Cornish Pine Apple50.20429, -5.49447

Adopted by Melanie Frankell.  More info on

Damson MerryweatherPlum tree50.20427, -5.49484

Adopted by Zane Langley. More info on

Ashmeads Kernal - M10650.20425, -5.49478

Adopted by Tara Langley. More info on

Apple Chiver's Delight50.20435, -5.49492

Adopted by Phoebe Bassett - more info on

Apple Cox's Orange PippenApple trees50.20436, -5.49483

Adopted by Melanie Frankell

Mark's Apple Tree (species unknown)Mystery trees50.20417,-5.49473

Adopted by Mark von Senger April 2017, planted 2013. More info on

Apple Egremont Russet50.20434, -5.49493

Adopted by Jane Bassett. More info on

Jenny's Apple Tree (species unknown)Mystery trees50.2042, -5.4948

Adopted April 2017 by Jenny von Senger. Planted in 2013. More info on

Quince PearPear trees50.20433, -5.49484

Adopted & planted by John Tagholm Nov 2017. More info on

St Ives Skatepark Group50.20485038559981, -5.495520532422233

We've set up the St Ives Skatepark Project to raise funds to revamp the existing skatepark.  The plan is to create a fantastic new concrete skatepark which will appeal to a much wider range of users. 

Henry Down Apple Tree50.20442, -5.49423
Apple Cologett50.20447, -5.49436
Browns cider50.20434, -5.49485
Pear LouisePear trees50.20435, -5.49428
Pear ConferencePear trees50.20459, -5.49464
Ribston PippenApple trees50.20415, -5.49462
Bramley Apple MM106Apple trees50.20424, -5.49601
Pigs Nose AppleApple trees50.20426, -5.49432