We've set up the St Ives Skatepark Project to raise funds to revamp the existing skatepark.  The plan is to create a fantastic new concrete skatepark which will appeal to a much wider range of users. 

We've had various fundraising & profile raising events - see  Sk8 Event in the Guildhall - competition where we showed our initial skatepark designs.  We have St Ives Town Council & many people & businesses supporting us and we plan to get for funding from organisations like Sports England, the Lottery and other trusts and foundations as well as crowdfunding, but we need help.   Keep updated by entering your email on the form or follow us on our facebook page, join our fundraising facebook group and fill in our online survey. We are a small team heading the group and welcome anyone who wants to join us in organising events, meetings etc. We also encourage people to organise their own fundraising events. Lee Skeet has been amazing raising funds through his dinners as an example. 


The existing St Ives Skatepark was built by the St Ives Town Council in 2004.  The skatepark is of steel & wood construction and although it was very popular initially, this old style wooden and metal ramps with tarmac ground has many disadvantages.  It's expensive to fix, gets damaged easily and if it's just slightly wet it's very slippery. It is also badly designed, with not many skating areas for younger kids and beginners.

Many local skaters no longer skate at the park and those that are able, travel to neighbouring towns which boast excellent concrete skate parks. A state of the art concrete skatepark would attract a much wider range of users and make it a friendlier and safer environment. 

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